Why Choose Adam Churchill for Your Coach?

As the owner and CEO of The Vanguard Group, I understand the weight of the responsibilities that I possess as a leader of my team. I understand that in order for them to be able to achieve their individual dreams and goals, and for the entire team to achieve the company’s goals and metrics, I have to be able to provide them with the correct resources and tools that they need.

I carry this mindset into my coaching sessions. My end goal is to see the people that I coach succeed in reaching their goals and dreams; helping them break through and move past the obstacles that are in their path. I am of the mindset, “What is it that you need? How can I help?”

Having worked for Keller Williams Southern Arizona as a Team Leader and having recruited 191 agents in that time, I learned a lot about agents’ needs, wants, desires, goals, and dreams. I was responsible for ensuring that they had all of the tools and resources they needed in order to succeed. Because no two agents are alike, I also learned diversity in approaches so that I could cater my coaching services to meet individual needs.

My unique approach ensures that the agents that I coach receive that they need; delivered in a way that they can easily digest and understand. So, what do you need? How can I help?

Personal Vision: To be seen as someone who always gives 110% to everything that he does; by maintaining a positive attitude, always keeping my eyes on the goals that I have set for myself, by being tenacious in the face of adversity, pushing and persevering when all hope seems lost, and leaving a legacy of leading by example.

Professional Vision: To be the type of leader that people will respect and follow; earning their trust and loyalty through my actions, my words, and the results that I’m able to directly affect for the benefit of the entire team and company.

Vanguard Agent Coaching Program

You are 95% more likely to meet your goals when working with a Coach! Let’s go!

What to Expect

  1. Focus on YOU to set attainable goals
  2. Prepare and execute your business plan
  3. Create action items to support your plans and meet your goals
  4. Brainstorm and test ideas in a safe and supportive environment
  5. Achieve greater results in less time
  6. Challenge, motivate and support you
  7. Hold you accountable and push you to remain committed
  8. Aide in your overall professional and personal development
  9. Provide ongoing support throughout the process
  10. Prep you for ultimate ongoing success

Would you like some more information? I’d love to hear from you.

Client Standards

  1. Attend and engage in all appointments, group meetings and mastermind sessions.
  2. Be prepared – If you have an action item, complete it prior to your appointment.
  3. Stay coachable – We sometimes have limiting beliefs or are stuck in our own ways.
  4. Allow your coach/consultant to help you through your limitations to break through to achieve your ultimate success!
  5. Track your business – The secret to success is to know where you have been, where you are now and where you are headed.
  6. Remain committed – You will reach new heights in your career as long as you remain committed. Do not give up, do not quit!
  7. Keep in touch – If you cannot make an appointment let your consultant/coach know as soon as possible.
  8. Communication – Let your coach/consultant know if there’s something you need help with. We are here to help you reach your goals. If you need something, ask!

The coaching experience is designed to help you grow both personally and professionally. Your success is a direct result of how quickly you implement your plan of action and how committed you remain to your goals.

Ready to sign up?

Package #1

Group Coaching with 1 Private Session a Month
  • Discovery Meeting – One hour initial consultation
  • 3 one hour group coaching sessions each month
  • 1 half hour private coaching session once a month

Package #3

Team Coaching
  • Discovery Meeting – One hour initial consultation
  • 1 hour weekly sessions
  • 1 on site visit for 1 full day
  • Group Coaching with 1 Private Session a Month
  • Private One on One Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • $0.00
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