Is This the Story of Your Life?

Start your day off by checking messages and emails that came in while you were asleep…wondering how the heck it was possible to wake up to 108+ new emails when you could’ve sworn you cleared out everything before bed last night.

Check databases, Craigslist, the local market, and other sources for information on market performance, new listings, etc…being sure to earmark things that you will get back to.

Work on lead generation, prospect nurtures, and prospecting…looking at the list and wondering how you’ll ever get through it and how people even have time for handwritten notes when you can’t even seem to get through calls.

Start sorting through emails, following up on what’s going on with transactions, and explaining to the client why the entire process is taking so long…for the 30th time. Then call vendors to set up appointments for inspections and photoshoots.

Grab some lunch while driving to client appointments. If you’re lucky, you fit in an actual sit-down lunch with a broker, agent, or attend a training event that will provide you with some form of sustenance.

Decide that while you’re out, you might as well check on a few listings on the way back to the office…the ones that you earmarked from earlier this morning…writing down as many details on whatever scrap paper that you can find.

Start planning open houses for the weekend and marketing them…this includes creating and printing flyers that you promise you’ll get around to delivering to neighbors in the area. This stuff goes into a pile of papers that join the ever growing mountain in your car.

Spend some time developing marketing tactics to attract more business. But mostly, you’re just daydreaming and wondering how people find the time and the energy to do it all…while all you feel is like you’re constantly drowning.

Try to squeeze in a last minute appointment before heading out for the day. Really crossing your fingers on this one because you need the commission…and this is the second time they’ve rescheduled…only to find that they really can’t make it after all after you’ve gotten there.

Hurriedly leave the appointment and head to the networking event that you’re either hosting or attending…all the while, upset about what just happened but hopeful that maybe you’ll get lucky enough to be able to make a few good connections and grab some dinner.

Finally arrive home after a long day…completely exhausted. Still, you know you need to hop on computer to check emails and respond to things you were waiting for all day.

Realize that others are STILL working as well. This has now turned into a late night work session of back and forth emails and phone calls. You find it hard to focus and realize that maybe that second glass of wine with dinner wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Start making a mental checklist and note of all of the things that need to be completed tomorrow. You run through the list in your head at least 4 times to make sure you remember it all and don’t forget anything.

Lay in bed, wide awake, feeling stressed and overwhelmed about all of the things that still needs to be done…contemplating whether or not you should cancel the photoshoot for that new listing and if you can get away with just taking photos on your phone…finally drifting off to sleep.

Wake up in a cold sweat, panic stricken, realizing that you forgot to do something that you were supposed to before the end of the day. Hop out of bed and turn on your computer, only to realize that you already completed the task.

Completely exhausted, you finally drift off to sleep.

To Do List:

  1. Place Signs
  2. Retrieve Signs
  3. Conduct Private Showings
  4. Host Open Houses
  5. Check Out New Listings
  6. Remove Lockboxes
  7. Pass Out Flyers
  8. Try to remember to eat and sleep if there’s time.

We’re Here to Tell You…There’s a BETTER Way!

We invite you to take just TWO minutes to watch this video.

Why Join The Vanguard Group?

At The Vanguard Group, we understand that we are in an ever changing world. Now, more than ever, we understand that we have to earn your split. We also understand that in order to retain agents, we have to stay relevant and provide value that goes above and beyond what they will find anywhere else. We pride ourselves in what we’ve created here. Take a look below…

Transaction Coordinators:

Our transaction coordinators handle all aspect of client care. From paperwork/transaction management, coordination of inspections, handling signs up/signs down, to customer satisfaction (including obtaining client testimonials and client surveys), our TCs take care of our agents and allows them to do what they do best: SELL.


We offer leads to agents on our teams. Leads come in through sign calls, online leads, and referrals from business partners.

We strive to become a referral based business but understand that lead generation is still a key factor in the real estate world. We cultivate an environment that allows our agents to help motivate each other to succeed.


Here’s just a short list of what you can expect regarding the marketing efforts that our team provides:

  1. Business cards
  2. Listing/Buyer Presentations
  3. Touch Campaigns
  4. Websites
  5. Collateral Materials
  6. Client Appreciation Gifts
  7. and MORE!


We have a very family oriented culture that allows employees to be an integral part of the team. We host a monthly family dinner that allows everyone on our team to get to know one another and their respective families more closely. We also have a high-energy, positive, collaborative, cutting edge, and innovative environment that foster growth among our team members.


We believe in helping you succeed. Because of that, we’ve put in place systems and metrics to help our team members meet their goals. Some of them include:

  1. Goal Setting/Planning
  2. Accountability
  3. Daily Lead Generation
  4. Performance Meetings
  5. Leadership Huddles
  6. and our 15th Initiative


Some of the tools and resources we provide are:

  1. Boomtown
  2. Brivity
  3. Lister Assister
  4. Mojo
  5. CloudCMA
  6. LandVoice
  7. RedX
  8. CTE
  9. Office 365


We invest in our team members and help them grow so that they are successful. A few of the things we offer regarding training are:

  1. Resource Training
  2. Productivity Training
  3. Scripts Practice
  4. Objection Handling
  5. Keller Williams Training
  6. Book club/Lunch n Learn
  7. 1 on 1 mentoring/coaching
  8. and MORE!

Administrative Support:

We handle the business side of things to allow you to be productive. Our On-boarding process is streamlined to make joining our team both easy and effortless on your part. We also have annual goal setting/business planning meetings, annual wealth building/personal budget meetings, and monthly mastermind meetings with our team members…all designed around you and making you successful.

There’s STILL More:

In addition to all of the perks above, The Vanguard Group offers some exclusive and unique things to our team members:

  1. VIP Treatment from Preferred Relationships
  2. VIP/Affinity Programs
  3. Business Partnership/Employee Benefits Program
  4. Quarterly Client Appreciation
  5. Monthly Happy Hours
  6. Quarterly Charitable Events
  7. Monthly Broker-Open Lead Gen Night
  8. Annual Holiday Party
  9. Annual Team Building Event

All of these things are designed to offer value to our team members, our clients, and the communities we serve.

Are you someone who:

  1. is motivated and driven to succeed?
  2. wants to be held accountable for the goals you set?
  3. wants more time to be able to do the things you love?
  4. wants to be able to make the money you’d like to live the lifestyle you want?
  5. has a positive attitude?
  6. has the ability to work well in a team environment?
  7. believes in continuous education?
  8. thrives on succeeding with other like-minded individuals?
  9. wants to give back to the community?
  10. wants to provide value to clients?
  11. wants to leave a legacy?

If so, we’d love to hear from you!

Don’t Wait! Contact Us Today.

The Vanguard Group will be hosting a recruiting event soon to look for a few top-notch talent to join our team. If you’d like to be included in that invitation, please take a moment to fill out the form below.

    Please let us know what areas you are struggling with and need the most help with. This will give us a better idea of how to assist you.